Gas Detection Controller HD6000 99 Channels 4 Parallel Wire Connection With LCD Screen

This controller is an RS485 quad-bus gas detection and warning system designed for industrial environments.

Product Features

  • The Chinese operation interface is intuitive and easy to understand
  • With time display
  • Alarm records can be checked, and record the highest concentration value and alarm time of the alarm
  • Display the concentration value of all channels, units, and the name of the gas being detected
  • Two alarm levels can be freely set by users
  • 4 rimless switches, 2 low alarms, and 2 high alarms, also can be freely set by the user
  • Adjustable relay output signal, conventional signal, and pulse signal (fan is generally connected to the normally open conventional signal, normally open solenoid valve is generally connected to pulse signal)
  • Standard RS485 upload interface can upload DCS, PLC system, and computer host
  • Visible and audible alarm signal

Table of Contents

Product Description

This controller has an LCD display, which is not affected by external light, displays the gas name and concentration value, and gives an audible and visual alarm when the concentration exceeds the standard. Using internationalized icon indication with instructions, it is easy and convenient to operate.

The controller is characterized by good stability, high accuracy, and intelligent setting of parameters. Users can freely choose the type of sensors to be connected and carry out on-site detection and alarm through simple settings. When the index of a gas to be detected does not meet the set standard, the system will automatically carry out a series of alarm actions, such as sound and light alarm, air exhaust, tripping, etc. (depending on the user’s use scenario). Hangwei Sensors are Best Gas Detection Controller Manufacturer.

The controller has the advantages of fast response time, high reliability, low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, liquefied gas, coal, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, municipal, and other industries, it is the ideal choice for updating and replacing gas alarms.

Product Specification

  • Monitoring object: combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen, etc.
  • Receiving signal: RS485 digital signal (four-wire system)
  • Output signal: Standard RS485
  • Working mode: Long-term continuous work
  • Alarm mode: sound and light alarm
  • Power supply: AC220V/50Hz
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 108kPa
  • Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃
  • Working humidity: ≤ 90%RH
  • Size: 350 x 270 x 85 ( mm )
  • Signal transmission distance: ≤ 1200 meters
  • Installation mode: wall-mounted

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