Gas Alarm Controller HD6100 Intelligent Single Point Wall Mounted All In One Controller Type

The single-point wall-mounted gas alarm HD6100 digital display type, is mainly for urban residential communities, high-rise residential buildings and other property safety management and petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, and other industries specially designed to monitor gas leakage safety devices.

Product Features

  • Four bright digital tubes with LEDs that show the concentration value
  • Power light, fault light, and concentration alarm indicator; three bright LED indicators
  • When the alarm is activated, 8 red LEDs flash in rotation and can be seen from tens of meters away.
  • Two adjustable normally open and normally closed relay outputs (active and passive switchable)
  • Using the infrared remote control, you can safely and conveniently adjust the detector without removing the cover.
  • Accurate detection, adjustable range
  • 4-20mA output, DCS, and PLC system uploadable
  • High sensitivity, long life, minimal drift, steady and dependable work

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Product Description

This gas alarm with high brightness digital tube display, simple hardware structure, strong anti-interference performance, perfect function, stable work, easy operation, and maintenance, is the ideal choice for gas alarm update and replacement. Best Gas Alarm Controller suppliers Online in China

Product Specification

  • Monitoring objects: toxic, combustible, oxygen.
  • Sampling: natural diffusion
  • Long-term continuous work
  • 4-20mA/RS485 signal output
  • Precision: Adjustable
  • Adjustable volume
  • Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86–108kPa
  • Working temperature: 0–40°C
  • 10% working humidity
  • Key operation
  • Installation: wall-mounted
Gas Alarm Controller HD6100

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