Henan Hangwei Sensing Technology Co., Ltd is the leader in gas detection and sensor technologies in China.

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Henan Hangwei Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., is your trusted partner for all your toxic and harmful gas detection needs. With over 20 years of experience in the gas detector manufacturing industry, we bring you innovative and reliable gas detection solutions that prioritize life and environmental protection.


Our seasoned team of engineers is fueled by science and technology, constantly innovating and delivering top-tier products that cater to various industries – from petroleum to agriculture. We take pride in our 15000 square meters of construction area, our 20 product patents, and our 10 production lines, which enable us to manufacture goods of the highest quality and efficiency.

We value exceptional service and provide it in all our engagements. We understand that the need for a safe and secure working space is crucial for industries, and our gas detection solutions are built to deliver just that. With our technology and equipment, you can detect toxic and harmful gases before they cause harm, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in the industry while safeguarding your people and the environment.

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