Fixed Gas Detection Controller 4 Channels 3 Wire Connections Number Display Screen

HD6000 gas alarm controller is a 4~20mA split-line gas detection and warning system designed for industrial environments.

Product Features

  • High-brightness oversized digital tube display (1.5-inch concentration display, 0.8-inch channel number display)
  • Fast response time and high measurement accuracy
  • Up to 6 unprotected switches
  • Two alarm levels, two relay outputs
  • Relay output signal adjustable, conventional signal and pulse signal (fan is generally connected to the normally open conventional signal, normally open solenoid valve is generally connected to pulse signal)
  • Compatible with two-wire and three-wire 4-20mA class equipment
  • Visual and audible alarm signals

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Product Description

This controller has a color LCD display, easy-to-use touchscreen operation, a Chinese display of gas name and concentration value, and a sound and light alarm when the concentration exceeds the standard.

The controller is characterized by good stability, high accuracy, and intelligent setting of parameters. With abundant external control ports, users can freely choose the type of sensors to be connected and the access ports and can carry out on-site detection and alarm through simple settings. When the index of a gas to be detected does not meet the set standard, the system will automatically carry out a series of alarm actions, such as sound and light alarm, air exhaust, tripping, etc. (depending on the user’s use scenario).

The controller adopts high brightness digital tube display, follows the national standard design, has the advantages of simple hardware structure, strong anti-interference performance, perfect function, stable work, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, liquefied gas, coal, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, municipal and other industries, and is the ideal choice for updating and replacing gas alarms. Hangwei Sensors are Best Gas Detection Controller Display Screen Manufacturers.

Product Specification

  • Monitoring object: combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen, etc.
  •  Receiving signal: DC 4-20mA standard signal (3-wire system)
  • Working mode: Long-term continuous work
  • Alarm mode: sound and light alarm
  • Power supply mode: AC220V/50Hz
  •  compatible equipment: two-wire system and three-wire system
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 108kPa
  • Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃
  •  Working humidity: ≤ 90%RH
  • Size: 350 x 270 x 85 ( mm )
  • Signal transmission distance: ≤1000m
  • Installation mode: wall-mounted

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