HD9100 Multiple Wiring Type Fixed Dust Gas Alarm With Number Display

HD9100 dust gas alarms are usually installed in industrial sites where dust is relatively large

Product Features

  • Four high-brightness LED digital tube display concentration value
  • Three bright LED indicators, power light, fault light, and concentration alarm indicator
  • 8 red LEDs flashing around when the alarm is on, can be seen from dozens of meters away
  • Two relay outputs (active and passive switchable, normally open and normally closed adjustable)
  • Infrared remote control, do not open the cover can be adjusted to the detector, convenient and safe
  • Detection accuracy, adjustable range
  • 4-20mA or RS485 output can be uploaded to DCS and PLC system
  • Long life, high sensitivity, low drift, stable and reliable work

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Product Description

Dust gas detector HD9100 digital display type is a high-performance fixed gas detector developed by our company. It is used for long-term continuous monitoring of dust gas concentration in the air. It is generally installed in industrial sites with relatively large dust; it has good repeatability And temperature and humidity characteristics, long service life, convenient operation, strong anti-interference performance and other advantages.

Product Specification

  • Detection particle size: 0.3um~1.0um, 1.0um~2.5um, 2.5um~10um
  • Sampling method: Self-priming
  • Working mode: Long-term continuous work
  • Output signal: 4-20mA or RS485 or two buses (MBUS) (optional)
  • Detection range: 1ug/m3~10000ug/m3
  • Working voltage: DC18V ~ 30V
  •  Power consumption: ≤ 3W
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 108kPa
  • Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +55℃ (special requirements can be customized according to needs)
  • Working humidity: ≤ 90%RH
  • Size: 150 x 140 x 70 ( mm )
  • Weight:≤1.5kg
  • Explosion-proof grade: ExdIICT6Gb
  • Cable specification: split line RVVP3 x 1.5mm2; bus RVVP4 x 2.5mm2; two lines RVVP2 x 2.5mm2;
  • Signal transmission distance: sub-line ≤ 1000 m; four bus ≤ 1200 m; two bus ≤ 1500 m;
  • Active/passive contacts: 2 groups of switching output signals (active and passive switchable, normally open and normally closed adjustable)
  • Operation mode: infrared remote control
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