Single Point 220V Gas Detector HD9300 All in One Fixed Gas Detector Type

Our company created the high-performance fixed gas detector HD9300 single-point 220V digital display.

Product Features

  • Four bright digital tubes with LEDs that show the concentration value
  • Power light, fault light, and concentration alarm indicator; three bright LED indicators
  • When the alarm is activated, 8 red LEDs flash in rotation and can be seen from tens of meters away.
  • Two adjustable normally open and normally closed relay outputs (active and passive switchable)
  • Using the infrared remote control, you can safely and conveniently adjust the detector without removing the cover.
  • Accurate detection, adjustable range
  • 4-20mA output, DCS, and PLC system uploadable
  • High sensitivity, long life, minimal drift, steady and dependable work

Table of Contents

Product Description

The instrument uses high-performance catalytic combustion and electrochemical gas sensors as detection elements, with the advantages of good repeatability and temperature and humidity characteristics, long service life, and easy operation, and is typically installed in places where flammable and explosive gases are susceptible to leakage and in chemical plant areas where toxic and hazardous gases are present. It is appropriate for detecting gas concentrations in commercial settings.

The gas detector can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, liquefied gas, coal, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, municipal, and other industries, and can be installed in petroleum gas pipeline networks, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, coal mines, refrigeration workshops, gas station areas, boiler rooms, hotel kitchen operation rooms and other places that require anti-toxic and explosion-proof. It is the ideal monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of people and property and to prevent the leakage of toxic and harmful gases. Hangwei Sensors Best Single Point 220V Gas Detector in China

Product Specification

  • English operating interface, intuitive and easy to understand
  • With time display
  • Alarm records can be checked, and the highest concentration value and alarm time of the alarm are recorded
  • Display of the concentration value of all channels, units, and the name of the gas being detected
  • Two alarm levels, freely configurable by the user
  • 4 unprotected switches, 2 low and 2 high alarms can also be set freely by the user
  • Relay output signal adjustable, conventional signal and pulse signal (fan is generally connected to the normally open conventional signal, normally open solenoid valve is generally connected to pulse signal)
  • Standard RS485 upload interface can upload DCS, PLC system, and computer host
  • Visible and audible alarm signal

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