Gas Detectors Demand Is Increasing Significantly

In recent years, metallurgy, non-ferrous, building materials, machinery, light industry, textiles, tobacco, trade, and other industrial and trade industries have developed rapidly, which has given a strong impetus to the growth of the national economy, however, the problem of frequent accidents in industrial and trade enterprises has also become more prominent.

Data show that only in 2022, the national industry and trade production safety, metallurgy, non-ferrous, and other industry enterprises in larger accidents 8, 264 special operations accidents, revealing a series of new problems, new situations, such as professional and technical operations can not keep up with the new management model has loopholes, safety responsibilities are not clearly defined.

The new version of the judgment standard will be implemented soon

Let the major accident hidden danger investigation and management more accurate

In order to incorporate new risk hazards into the determination criteria, summarize scientific experience, and form a preventive system, the Ministry of Emergency Management has revised the new “Determination Criteria for Major Accident Hazards in Industrial and Trade Enterprises” to unify the conceptual understanding and grasp the scale of determination, so as to look at major accident hazards from a more focused, scientific and authoritative perspective, urge the exclusion efforts and firm safety gates. At present, the new standard has passed the consideration, and will be officially implemented on May 15.

Part of the determination criteria

Possible leakage and accumulation of carbon monoxide, arsenic hydrogen, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and other four toxic gases in places and parts not set up fixed gas concentration monitoring and alarm devices, or monitoring data is not connected to 24-hour manned premises, or places and parts that may have arsenic hydrogen gas does not take the same effect of detection measures;
Hydrogen production stations, nitrogen and hydrogen protective gas distribution room, gas distribution room, and other three types of places not set up fixed combustible gas concentration monitoring and alarm devices;
The use of a non-water-based paint mixing room, and paint spraying room is not set up with fixed combustible gas concentration monitoring and alarm devices or ventilation facilities
The presence of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and other poisoning risks of limited space operations of industrial and trade enterprises did not implement the approval of limited space operations, or the implementation of the “first ventilation, then detection, after the work” requirements, or the work site is not set up to monitor personnel;

From the above criteria, it is clear that it is important to set up flammable gas concentration monitoring and alarm devices in the corresponding hidden places. On the one hand, it can detect and exceed the limit alarm for the combustible and toxic gases that may escape in time, on the other hand, it can systematically lay out the safety net of the hidden places, so as to achieve the front gate and prevent in advance.


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